Your Home

There are three rules for tenants living in our properties: pay the rent, look after it, and make it your home.

We are committed to establishing a local brand built on our good reputation and positive word of mouth. Our future tenants are the family, friends, and work colleagues of our current tenants - we are built on customer satisfaction and are driven to be the best landlord experience in Northampton.

Brighter Living will ensure that your home is a safe living environment for you, your family, and also for friends and relatives visiting you at the property. This is a job we take very seriously. We achieve this through a regular six month health check, having a team of qualified maintenance engineers on call, keeping up to date with health and safety legislation, and carrying out all appropriate safety certifications to a strict work schedule.

Maintenance  & Emergencies

Maintenance Issues: tenants can report any maintenance issues within the property and the fixture and fittings we have supplied to David who manages our maintenance services on 07826 246518 between 08:00 and 22:00 Monday to Friday.

Out of Hours MaintenanceWe do not offer a 24 hour maintenance service. Should any non-emergency issue occur outside our normal service hours we will address it the next working day. Should you contact a third party to attend to an non-emergency issue without our permission you will be liable for the cost of any works undertaken.

Emergencies: In an emergency situation please take immediate action, and we will cover all reasonable costs incurred within 24 hours on receipt of an invoice from the third party who carried out the work.  An emergency is a situation where non-action on the tenants part will allow for continual or increasing damage to the property. We consider an emergency to fall within the following guidelines: 

(1) No heating (when temperature is sub zero),
(2) No water (please call Anglian Water first on 08457 145 145),
(3) Burst or disconnected water pipes,
(4) The security of the property has been compromised

Safety Certification

Gas Safety Certification: The gas system will be inspected at least 12 months before a tenancy starts and certified with a Landlords Gas Safety Cirtificate. Subsequent certifications are carried out every 12 months. Inspections are carried out by a registered Gas Safe engineer.

Fixed Wire System Certification: the electrical infrastructure of a property will be inspected at least five years before the tenancy starts and certified with a Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR). Inspected every 5 years. Inspections are carried out by a registered NICEIC engineer.

Portable Appliances: PAT inspection on all electrical appliances (over one year old) within 12 months on tenancy start. A visual inspection will be made prior to tenancy to ensure that all plugs are safe and fused correctly, and that all cables are safe. Inspected every 12 months. Inspections are carried out by a registered NICEIC engineer.

Water Safety Assessment: Water system and pipes in the building are checked for legionella bacteria to ensure they are compliant in accordance with the HSE and HSC guidelines. Inspected every 2 Years. Inspections are carried out by a registered LTM Compliance officers.

Fire Risk Assessment: A full assessment shall be carried out prior to any tenancy starting. This will be updated on any change in circumstances of your tenancy.

Energy Performance: A copy of the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) will be provided. Should you wish to take on recommendations outlined as part of the Green Deal, we will support your application. All our properties are rated at least a D for energy efficiency.


Maintenance Inspections: We inspect our properties in March and November, pre- and post-winter. We look for signs of damp & water ingress. check the central heating system is to the correct pressure, and check the general health of the property.

Condition Inspections: We believe how you live in your own home is you own business, but we reserve the right to inspect your homes general condition every three months should we deem it appropriate.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Pets: We do allow our tenants to have a family pet (one pet only) as this is part of putting down roots and making a property a home. We do have the right to refuse a pet that could damage a property or be an inconvenience to your neighbours. We use the procedure set out by the Dogs Trust for vetting a pet in our properties which is fair to both tenants and ourselves. Please do not move a pet into the property without our permission. For more information please visit the Dogs Trust's 'Lets with Pets' web page.

Decoration: Your home will be provided in good decorative order. Should you wish to add your own personsal touch we ask that you wait for at least 24 months after moving into the property. We also ask that you do not affix wallpaper to any walls without our written permission.

Insurance: As landlords we insure the physical property which is your home and our contents within in it. It is the tenants responsibility to insure the property they bring into the house, and for any damage they may cause to ours.

Utility Contracts: Our tenants are free to choose who supplies the gas, electricity, water, TV, broadband, and phone line to their home. All contracts entered into are between the tenant and the third party supplier.

Condensation: If homes are not sufficiently ventilated moisture levels in your home will increase resulting in black mould. This is a health hazard. Avoid drying clothes inside your home, use the ventilation fans provided in bathrooms and the kitchen, open top bedroom windows in the morning, and keep trickle vents on the open setting. If you think condensation is becoming an issue in your home please speak with us so we can help resolve it before it becomes a problem.

Keys & Door Locks: We always change the front and back door locks between tenancies. If tenants wish to change the locks after moving in they can at their own expense. We keep a spare key you your property so we can access the property during a tenants working hours to complete maintenance works and safety certificate inspections. We never enter a property without a booked time agreed with the tenant. We always try to give 7 days notice of a required visit.

When its time to move on...

Notice: with a fixed term contract (the first six months of a tenancy) tenants can leave at the end of that fixed term without notice. Where tenant wish to leave after the fixed term has expired (i.e. while in a statutory periodic tenancy) they are required to give at least one months notice from the contractual rent day. If tenants wish to end a tenancy during the contractual fixed term they will be required to pay up the outstanding contract in full.

Clearance: tenants are required to clear all personal belongings and possessions from the property before the keys are returned and the tenancy ended. This includes all loft and cellar areas. Any remaining rubbish should be placed in tied black bins bags and left outside the property. Larger items can not be left and collected after the tenancy has ended. Please make sure all garden areas and sheds are also clear.

Cleaning: Tenants are required to leave the property in a clean and presentable state for the next tenants. Cleanliness is not effected by fair wear and tear. Ovens, hobs, with grill pan, and all provided white goods should be clean. If appliances are heavily soiled we would recommend contacting a professional cleaning company. Should the property require additional cleaning or clearing, this will be done so at a cost deducted from your security deposit. 

Damage: Any damage to the property or the contents provided outside fair wear and tear, or noted in the inventory is liable to the tenant. If thereris any small damage at the property please consider having repairs made yourself before the tenancy ends.

Utility & Contracts: tenants are required to cancel all utility contracts, council tax payments, and other contractual 3rd party agreements (such as phone or TV) they have entered to while at the property. The tenants remain responsible for all utility bills up to the date the tenancy ends regardless of the date they move out of the property. Gas, electricity, and water meter readings will be taken at the check out. The local council will be informed of the change in council tax liability.

Check Out: the condition of the property will be assessed against the inventory provided at the time the tenancy started, we will take into account fair ware and tear, and the time you have resided at the property when considering should any deductions be made from your security deposit. We aim to return the deposit in full.

Tenant Reference: On leaving our property, we provide a reference to all out tenants on the website This website is used by a majority of UK landlords and letting agents, and it allows us to highlight where our tenants have not caused damage to the property, paid their rent in full and on time, and we would recommend them to other landlords. We hope to never to have to give a poor reference to one of our tenants.