Brighter Homes

We improve every property we take on through substantial works, spending on average £20,000 per property on structured improvements to our designated work schedules. We offer our tenants superior quality homes that are structurally safe, free of damp, insulated, and modernised for today's family. 

Preperation & Work Schedules

When we refurbish your new home we focus on the following core areas to maximise the impact of our investment:

Modernisation: At the start of a project we undertake a full assessment of improving the property to ensure it can be configured into a safe modern family home. We also look to improve its energy efficiency as determined in the Energy Performance Certificate where possible.

Damp: We are specialists in the removal of damp from properties. This includes measures such as lowering incorrect exterior levels, treating and tanking ground floor rooms to hold back ingress, and the injection of chemical damp courses into external walls.

Structure: We correct all inherent structural problems in a property. This includes measures such as treatment and replacement of structural beams and joists impacted by wet and dry rot, structural strengthening through the addition of modern steel RSJ and lintels, underpinning foundations, improved underground drainage, and the repair and replacement of weak brick work.

Central Heating: We fit new combination boilers to all our properties, correctly sized radiators to fully heat rooms. with ability to independently control the heat in each room through thermostatic valves. Our heating systems are fitted with appropriate programmers and timers to allow tenants complete control over the heating of their home.

Electrical Wiring: We upgrade the fixed wire system to ensure it is safe, and also provide sufficient sockets located in the right place for modern living. The wiring is broken down into multiple ‘rings’ for lighting and sockets protected by RCD protection.

Insulation: All our properties are fitted as standard with double glazing, insulated cavity walls, and 270mm loft insulation. In period properties with solid brick external walls we have also introduced internal wall insulation of 60mm thickness.

Modern Life: We design our properties with our target tenants in mind. We landscape outside space as standard in all our properties, introduce light to rooms, add French and patio doors to link inside and outside space, and use paints that can be easily washed down. All our properties are decorated in neutral colours.

Finish & Decor

We want to give our tenants a house that makes them smile the first time they view, and a home they can be proud of for years to come. 

Decoration: Walls and ceilings are repaired, plastered, or dri-lined. We paint all walls in magnolia, and all ceilings brilliant white vinyl emulsion. We replace door architraves and skirting boards with newly glossed white MDF boards, while we upgrade all doors to glossed six panel doors.

Kitchens: On renovation all properties are finished with new fitted kitchens with built in cooker, hob, and extractor fan. We also provide a new washing machine and family size fridge freezer. Some kitchens do feature a wallpaper based feature wall.

Bathrooms: Our properties are all fitted with new bathroom suites and fittings on renovation. We provide a bath with shower service off the main tap, shower rail and curtain, plus fittings such as towel rails. Toiled roll holders, and coat hooks. We provide an attractive over basin mirror and shelf unit.

Floorings:  All properties are finished downstairs with a superior quality oak finish laminate floor, and from the stairs up with a new professionally fitted carpet in oatmeal colour with heaver duty underlay. Kitchen and bathroom floors are tiled, as may be entrance halls. Where it is impossible to provide a tiled floor (i.e. in flats) we use a high quality cushioned vinyl flooring.

Curtains & Blinds: We provide a white finish curtain pole above all windows in the property, while a blind will be fitted in the bathroom and kitchen areas. We do not provide curtains or other soft furnishings as standard, as these are always to the personal taste of the tenant.

Door & Window Furniture: All doors are fitted with matching handles. Window handles will all be new and supplied with a clocking key.

Cleaning: All properties are professionally cleaned at the end of each tenancy to ensure it is to the correct standard for the next tenants to make their home.